Five stones to wake you up right now

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The earth is a powerful tool to assist us in our balancing and healing during this great awakening time. The ancient Taoists who created the foundational system of Chinese Medicine understood that plants, trees, barks, roots, foods, and stones and minerals play an important role in our balance and healing. The earth and the stones are alive and here to work with you.

Here are 5 stones to assist you right now. Get to know them!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz soothes, reassures, and opens the heart center. It is all about love and self-compassion. It gently but powerfully aids in moving emotions from repressed states: sadness, anxiety, grief, worry, anger, fear. Great stone to wear pre and post crises. Sleep with a rose quartz on your chest.  Wear it or have it near you as a reminder for self-compassion. Cleanse with water or on the earth or in a plant.


Hematite grounds, nourishes and calms the Shen (“Spirit” in Chinese Medicine). Hematite teaches us to find the source of love that is within us.  It is also used attract anything into your life. Placing hematite stone on low back, also known as “Ming Men” in Chinese Medicine, can recharge the whole energy body. Wear as a bracelet for grounding. 


Protection, boundaries, and grounding. When you feel caught up in the swirl of the world, shungite helps to clear the swirl and ground you. It can provide protection and boundaries from the outside world and the mayhem. It is known to block EMF frequencies. Russian soldiers during World War II used to carry shungite to cleanse their water as it absorbs toxins. Wear this stone, place in front of computer or any electronic device.  Place on desk or by your bed.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz tonifies or increases Qi/energy.  It also brings in clarity about ourselves and about our situations and aids in our own intuition. It amplifies Qi as light reflects through it. Wear it, use it as a meditation tool for clarity, and for Feng Shui to amplify good energy in your home. Cleanse with water or on the earth or plant. You can also cleanse by immersing it in organic brown rice for a couple of hours.


Amethyst connects you with your Divinity, your inner Source. Amethyst is a reminder that your power comes from within and that you have everything you need inside you to move forward in a powerful way. Amethyst knows we are connected and united. Wear it, have it around your home, meditate with it as a constant reminder that you are connected. Cleanse with water or by placing on earth. 




– Christie Jordan, LAc. Founder of Source Healing.

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