Raw Orange Calcite

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Generally, all of the colored varieties of calcites are seen as energy transformers, dissolving the old in order to make way for the new. Orange calcite, with its soft orange shade, is a gentle yet sustaining support to the sacral energy center. 

This stone works positively on those who give to everyone else and forget to give to themselves. A great example would be new mothers trying to get used to a completely new routine and the constant demands of a newborn child.

Keeping orange calcite in the home, as well as to hold and meditate with, is a wonderful tonic for the spirits, as it can enhance creativity and playfulness. 

As for healing the physical body, orange calcite can be used to calm digestion as well as gently prepare someone for expansion into new levels of energy by releasing negative emotions and enhancing zest for life.


*This is a one of a kind piece! Only one available. As seen in photo.

Measures ~2in L x 1in W